What are the problems with education?


Millions of people around the world lack access to quality education. For many, accessibility remains a privilege. Across all countries around 750 million adults are illiterate and over 264 million children do not go to school (UNESCO). The amount of untapped talent confined by difficult circumstances is immense.

Increasingly high fees for education and costs of living, paired with slow-paced job markets, the current generation across the world has been placed in a very difficult position.

As quality education becomes less and less accessible for the general population, student loan debt continues to grow.

Success Rates

Since inception, MOOCs have demonstrated lacklustre success at best. Absence of appropriate student collaboration, community support, mentors and incentives, result in extremely low course completion rates, regardless of costs involved. More than half of prospective learners never step further than registration.

Major e-learning platforms lack direct focus on less affluent parts of the world and do not hold enough interest in exploring the potential of the economically-underprivelleged.

Our Solution

Unleash the potential

Origami Platform is an ecosystem which connects students, academia, mentors and employers. An interactive e-learning platform providing accessible, affordable education and globally-recognised qualifications.

Origami employs the strength of gamification to create a superchared, collaborative learning environment. Blockchain technology facilitates trusted and secure storage of students’ progress and certifications – reducing fraud and increasing trust.

Why should we care? Why

It can take just one person to develop a cure for a serious disease or help solve a major global crisis. The potential to make positive, life-changing contributions to the world posessed by individuals living in difficult circumstances is immense. Through equipping people with the necessary skills and knowledge, not only will it improve their own lives and lives of those around them, but it could have far reaching effects on everyone around the world.


Our blockchain-based education platform eliminates drawbacks of various conventional systems.

Blockchain Tech

Secure progress tracking and certificate validation. Improved trust, security and efficiency.


A fun, interactive learning experience, boosting learner motivation and success rates.

Better Accessibility

Suitable for all types of learners, no matter the location, time constraints or physical abilities.

Better Affordability

Affordable and free education through direct collaboration with schools and universities.

Better Support

Learners can easily collaborate, communicate and receive crucial support from mentors.

Mobile Assitant

Improved student participation, communication, collaboration, time and progress tracking.

Better Payments

Frictionless, blockchain-powered cross-border payments using fiat or digital currencies.

Rewards System

A platform that rewards participation and success through redeemable credits.

Our Roadmap RoadMap

September 2017

Project inception.

October 2017

Business and platform concept development.

December 2017

Origami team formation.

January 2018

Platform technical specs confirmed.

May 2018

New partnership MOUs signed.

June 2018

New team member recruitment.

May 2019

Platform MVP development.

March 2020

MVP on Testnet launch.

April 2020

Mainnet beta launch.

The Core Team Team

The Origami Team is a robust and flexible combination of expertise in education, business, finance, marketing, design and development with a collective passion for education.

Alexander Bitskov
Founder, Chair

Developer, educator, blockchain and multimedia professional with over 11 years experience in leading a wide range of creative projects across education, FMCG and pharma sectors.

Anthony Whistler
Business Strategist, Vice-chair

A demonstrated background in finance as well as education. Anthony is a founder of Proofessor Ltd. supporting international students with a wide range of academic services.

Boe Williams
Governance Lead

Boe is has a natural leadership ability, with a strong background in management consultancy and asset management, having worked for the UK government entities for over 25 years

Ricky Attilia
Lead Developer

A highly skilled and versatile, full stack developer with over 11 years experience, a degree in Computer Science from LCU and a MA in Software Systems Engineering from UCL.

Wilson Lam
UX,Graphic Designer

Wilson is a professional graphic designer with over 7 years experience. His major strengths are in graphics for marketing and branding, however he is highly skilled in UX, print, web and apparel design.

James Hoyle
Curriculum Advisor

An experienced educator holding a degree in Law from the University of Cardiff, and a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from the University of London (SOAS).
James has extensive experience working within Japan's education system.

Rie Kuribayashi
Board Advisor

Rie has a strong background in business and finance. In 2013 she founded the International School of Nagano and has been at the forefront of Japan's education innovation. Rie believes students must be challenged to excel personally and academically.

Dmitri Tihhonov
Ast. Curriculum Developer

Apart from being an energy engineering professional, blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast, Drimtri possesses a strong passion for education having worked and studied within the field for around 10 years.

Lora Lu
Strategy Support

A Brunel University graduate with a degree in Corporate Branding Management, Lora has played a vital role in assisting Proofessor Ltd. to expand from a company with only two founders to a company with more than a hundred staff.

Murat Ali
Board Advisor

With 10 years combined industry, academic, and research experience, Murat's goal and ambition is to improve people’s lives through engineering, technology, research and effective project management.

Contact Origami Contact

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Our UK office address:
Origami Platform Ltd.
International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct,
London EC1A 2BNS, United Kingdom

Our address in Estonia:
Origami PLatform OÜ,
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